Glittering Taipei From The 89th Floor, Taipei 101


This photo was taken last Summer when my Finnish friend, Heidi came to visit Taiwan.

-Facts about Taipei 101:

1. It’s the tallest building in Taiwan and ranks No.6 among the world’s tallest buildings.

2. It has the world’s fastest elevator with the speed of 1010m/min and advanced technical designs for pressure control and other safety device.

3. It has the world’s largest and heaviest wind damper designed to withstand typhoon’s strong wind and earthquakes that are common for this island. It is also the only one that’s open for public viewing in the world.

*** To learn more about the design of the elevator and the wind damper, go to:***

-Opening Times:

Every day 9AM – 10PM

The entrance to the observatory is on the 5th floor of Taipei 101 Mall.

***Closing times for entrance and tickets sales is at 9:15PM***


  • Adults: 500NTD ($16.1/ €14.4)
  • Students & Children above 115cm: 450NTD ($14.5/ €13)
  • Children under 115cm: Free Admission
  • Priority Pass: 1000NTD ($32,2/ €29)
  • Group Ticket (Groups of 20 or more): 450NTD ($14.5/ €13) ***Reservation required***

***More details on ticketing:

You will be given an audio guide once you reach the Indoor Observatory on the 89th floor and be introduced to a total 25 landmarks surrounding Taipei 101. If you fancy a more ‘’authentic’’ experience of winding blowing on your face and the clouds drifting slowly in the sky (daytime of course!), you can take the stairs up to the Outdoor Observatory on the 91th floor.

There are some souvenirs shops and a cafe at the Indoor Observatory, 89th floor. How about sending some postcards to your loved ones from high above!!

Complete information about Taipei 101 can be found here:

Welcome to Taiwan!


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